Are Science and Secular History compatible with Faith?

Why Bother with Science?

So, why should we care about science if we have faith? After all, aren’t these independent of each other?

For one, science seems to militate against our faith. At the very least it does not seem to support our beliefs. My view is that it is worse than that: it actually corrodes the intellectual foundations of our beliefs. It seems to make God optional. At the root there is the theory of evolution that completely seems to make God redundant or at best optional. So, today the Christ follower is sometimes left wondering - does He even exist? The resulting problem is that our faith seems to have no moorings in the real world with the implication that it has no effect in the real world.

Second, if we have to intellectual consistency between our lives in the church and our lives outside we need to find a way to harmonize or rationalize the conflicts. The scientific view of the world dominates our culture, our education, our workplace and our government. What do we do as believers to remain intellectually consistent between our two lives? How can we avoid leaving our brains at the door of the church?

Simply denying the validity of science makes us appear like anti-intellectual or simpletons in the eyes of the world.

The Bible seems to say that an examination of nature should reveal God. Psalm 19 begins by stating that “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” The implication is that even the simplest examination of nature should inform us of the power and majesty of God.

Yet Science has not and does not see the hand of God. Why is that?