Are Science and Secular History compatible with Faith?

Is it true that Biblical history cannot be reconciled with secular history? That is what is often taught, even in many Christian Universities. So much the more in public institutions. Pick up any book on Egyptian History and try to locate the Exodus of the Children of Israel. It cannot be found. Yet, when individual texts are examined, evidence of the Exodus begins to appear out of the obscurity of the ancient record.

This site presents a number of archaeological discoveries (papyrus texts, clay tablets, potsherds, monuments, etc.) that confirm the Biblical record. If the Biblical record is reliable, then it is reasonable to conclude the Bible can be trusted in matters of faith. 

NOTE: Throughout the 'History' section, all dates are based on the book "Unwrapping The Pharaohs". This book is written from the perspective of an archaeologist who also believes in the integrity of the Biblical record. If you are looking for one book that presents the rich history of ancient Egypt from a Biblical perspective, this is the book to read.

John Ashton & David Downs, Unwrapping The Pharaohs (Master Books, A Division of New Life Publishing Group, 2006), pp. 205-210.

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